Horticultural Show Mannheim

Mannheim, D · Horticultural show · Competition
Planning: 2014 · Size: 500 ha

Mannheim is going to host the horticultural show 2023.

Thanks to the closing of an inner-city casern an opportunity presents itself to create a green corridor from the city center to the free landscapes surrounding Mannheim. The main characteristic of the old town of Mannheim is its grid-shaped development which led to the title „town of squares“. We had the idea to break this grid and create „a circle for the square“ for the new park landscape. As counterpart a spacious nature park will be created which is characterized by a range of concave and convex „park trays“. The center of the new park landscape is located on the terrain of the former barracks and serves as a connection between the already existing city park and the agricultural areas in the South.

The park lanes connect the town and its landscapes and forming fringe as well as frame for the spacious park areas.