Horticultural show Wassertrüdingen

Wassertrüdingen, D · Horticultural show · Competition
Planinng: 2014 · Size: 17,4 ha

Wassertrüdingen was chosen to host a horticultural show entitled „Nature in the City 2019“. It’s an opportunity for the town to improve its green and recreational structures and to strengthen the connection to the river.

The main idea of the competition concept was to create key experiences for visitors which they will remember for a long time. The Wörnitzpark in the South is characterized by a wavy green flood protection dam. It’s accessible and therefore an ideal viewpoint for the biennial waterplays. In the North everything is about water as well: three ponds are connected by a wooden footbridge. This footbridge is leading to the former disposal site and thus connects these zones with each other.

Following the modeled terrain of the landfill, clod-like terraces arranged to each other, fulfilling diverse functions during the horticultural show, e.g. fruit- or herb gardens.