Hotel park

Altaussee, A · Hotel Complex
Architecture: Hohensinn Architektur ZT GmbH
Planning: 2014 · Size: 15.600 m²

The design focuses on embedding the spa hotel in the existing location structure and the green area close to the lake. An attractive hotel is being built, which allows its guests to immerse themselves into and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the location – a park-like landscape between the village and the shore of the Altausseer See. The shaping of the terrain establishes a direct link between building and free space, as well as to the mountain panorama. This creates an interesting interaction between the building complex and the three main viewing directions: the Loser mountain, lake view with Trisselwand, and Dachstein. Stone and rock formations run through the green area like a connecting element. The selection of plants includes regional and near-natural biodiversity with traditional varieties.