Play street … the playing carpet …

Linz, A · Urban planning · Ideas competition
Awarding authority: Immobilien Linz GmbH. & Co KG
Planning: 2018 · Size: 1.300 m²

The aim was to stimulate the children’s imagination with a few simple everyday things in the street between the “Neue Mittelschule” (New Secondary School) and the after-school care centre and to create a source of inspiration for small and large adventures in a colourful, cheerful and safe environment.
Like a carpet, a different coloured asphalt surface, starting from the three basic colours red – yellow – blue, covers the planning area. Linear continuous stripes divide the individual colour and play areas and cross natural flower fields that can be experienced. Drinking fountains and multifunctional seating, play and reclining elements shaded by trees complete the open space furnishings and are made usable even at dusk by warm, planar lighting whose distance, light angle, mast tilt and height vary.