Thaler Areal

Hard, A · public open spaces of the city of Hard · Wettbewerb
Architekturbüro Früh ZT-GmbH · Planning: 2014 · Size: 85.000 m²

The main criterion for this urban competition was a significant re-evaluation of the harbour square „Thaler Areal“ and the adjacent open spaces. The basic idea of this concept is the creation of spaces which will attract visitors and serve as a recreation area for the residents of the surrounding neighbourhood.

The harbour square is designed as a continuous area which is integrated in the environment by ribbon structures. Arriving from the market square, main and side paths meander through grass- and cobble belts to the open square center – with a viewing tower (being planned) – where they first narrow and then open onto the „lake area“ by the water.

Two ample, belt-like boardwalks sit next to the square, framing it. The eastern boardwalk is continued in the new pier for the Lake Constance ship „Hohenwill“.