Villa garden

Linz, A · Private estate
Architecture: Architekturbüro ARKADE ZT GmbH
Planning: 2016 · Execution: 2016-2017 · Size: 1.300 m²

The key criterion of the design process was to include the scenic vastness of the surroundings into the garden but exclude disturbing factors. Precisely positioned trees and bushes protect from undesirable intrusion while simultaneously maintaining a clear view to distant supra-regional features. Existing rock formations inspired the fundamental idea to plan a rock garden. The structuring of the site with rock formations leads to a cohesive and versatile garden. The element of the stone becomes a leitmotif for the whole garden, up to the highest terrace.
We selected mostly evergreen plants to bring the colour “green” into the garden year-round. Naturally arranged flowering shrubs and groups of grasses add a vivid lightness to complement the strong rock formations.